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From Michael Randall (Posted on 1911forum.com)

Hi Gang, well, after nearly a year and a half, Mr. Jim Milks of "Innovative Custom Firearms" completed my compensated long slide 1911. Having wanted the Marked for Death PSP07back in 90 but could not afford at the time, then came the Thomas Jane Punisher Colt and I decided to find a gunsmith who could build my dream pistol. I found Mr. Milk's via a You Tube video and the rest is history, he after a long discussion came up with a hybrid of the two pistols and blended both into what you see here in pictures. Mr. Milks is a true visionary as this pistol is a work of art, the balance, the lines, the Ion Bond finish just cannot be fully appreciated in pictures, seeing it does it justice.
It was built on a STI Master steel lower with a Caspian carbon steel upper, custom full profile EGW two port compensator with a slant PSP07 type angle on lower portion of the comp, KKM 6" barrel, all EGW internals, Ed Brown adjustable rear and front Sight, memory groove beaver tail safety, EGW custom safety, custom magwell, serrated flat top, French borders, matching front cocking serrations, VZ grips, balance is just amazing. Operationally the weapon is a tack driver, dead on, not my skill, all gun! I cannot say enough about Mr. Milks and Innovative Custom, he spent countless time with me on the phone to make sure my weapon came out just as I pictured it, if you want old school custom bespoke service then look no further than he, besides being one of the "nicest and humble" people you'll ever come across he ensures you get every bit of you hard earned dollars back in your pistol and then some. He always discussed in detail my desires regardless of nature and made sure I had several options during the process, I consider him a very close Friend as well will you if you decide to have him build you a custom pistol, trust me, you'll not regret it! Happy Memorial Day folks, this weapon is my retirement gift to myself, finished up 38 years of Military service last June, this is my first Memorial Day out of uniform, God Bless you all...