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STI 40 S&W and FN Scar for Sale

Built by Innovative Custom Guns LLC

The 2 STI are 40S&W hi capacity frames. They have Schuemann barrels, all

EGW machined bar stock parts and Caspian slides. No junk cast or MIM parts.
They have Leupold Delta point red dots milled into the slides. They have
Ionbond dimond like finish and come with 2 18 round mags each. They have only been
test fired.


STI with comp  3800.00
STI with tribrid (6 ports in barrel)  3600.00

The rifle is a FN Scar in 223.  Only 350 rounds fired. It has a Eotech

Holographic sight and magnifier. Quick attach. I have 8 mags,  1000 rounds
of test fire ammo and Blackhawk soft case. $3000.00