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From Michael Randall (Posted on 1911forum.com)

Hi Gang, well, after nearly a year and a half, Mr. Jim Milks of "Innovative Custom Firearms" completed my compensated long slide 1911. Having wanted the Marked for Death PSP07back in 90 but could not afford at the time, then came the Thomas Jane Punisher Colt and I decided to find a gunsmith who could build my dream pistol. I found Mr. Milk's via a You Tube video and the rest is history, he after a long discussion came up with a hybrid of the two pistols and blended both into what you see here in pictures. Mr. Milks is a true visionary as this pistol is a work of art, the balance, the lines, the Ion Bond finish just cannot be fully appreciated in pictures, seeing it does it justice.
It was built on a STI Master steel lower with a Caspian carbon steel upper, custom full profile EGW two port compensator with a slant PSP07 type angle on lower portion of the comp, KKM 6" barrel, all EGW internals, Ed Brown adjustable rear and front Sight, memory groove beaver tail safety, EGW custom safety, custom magwell, serrated flat top, French borders, matching front cocking serrations, VZ grips, balance is just amazing. Operationally the weapon is a tack driver, dead on, not my skill, all gun! I cannot say enough about Mr. Milks and Innovative Custom, he spent countless time with me on the phone to make sure my weapon came out just as I pictured it, if you want old school custom bespoke service then look no further than he, besides being one of the "nicest and humble" people you'll ever come across he ensures you get every bit of you hard earned dollars back in your pistol and then some. He always discussed in detail my desires regardless of nature and made sure I had several options during the process, I consider him a very close Friend as well will you if you decide to have him build you a custom pistol, trust me, you'll not regret it! Happy Memorial Day folks, this weapon is my retirement gift to myself, finished up 38 years of Military service last June, this is my first Memorial Day out of uniform, God Bless you all...

Received gun today and looks absolutely great. I am much more than
pleased and  would never know it was once welded. Great job .I cant say
enough.Cant shoot it because of my lead level but hope to someday do it.
It looks brand new.  Anyone ever asking me for a smith to send a gun
to-its your name I will give them. Most people out here only use the
local parts changers.   Jim-took gun to range this
morning and shot about 250 flawless rds because I still have high blood
lead levels but just wanted to thank you again for just doing such a
great job. It looks like the slide was also refinished but I don't think
you did that. Anyway it looks like a brand new gun and you saved me
about 1800 dollars that Wilson wanted to charge me for a new frame.If I
ever need to have work done and I hope not-you will be my gunsmith of
choice. I can't be any happier with your craftmanship.Thanks
Hey Jim,

Just want to thank you for the great work. Both pistols came out fantastic. Service was exceptional, never had such good communication with a gun smith before.

Have a great day


I got my 1911 yesterday and I am just blown away!, thank you so much, the
weapon is just beautiful, thank you so much for all the extras, I'm excited
to shoot it.


CW5 Michael Randall


25 yards 5 shots. Hell ya!!!!!



Got the gun today.

Awesome work.

Trigger work is great.

Matte finish is great.

Checkering is great.

Magwell is great.

New thumb safety works great.

You made my day!



Hi Jim,
Thanks for the great work that you did on my Gold Cup.  It's perfect!
John Carduner


Picked up the pistol just now. It is a beauty! I know it will shoot just as good. Thanks for a great piece!


I love this thing!  This past weekend there was  a Centennal 1911 match held
here in SW Idaho roughly 150 shooters, many nice 1911's.  There were 15 shooters
in my squad and the Colt you buit me was the only one that didn't experience
some sort of malfunction over the course of the 8 stages and 150+rds in my
squad.  My gun also was voted the "Best looking BBQ gun", after the match was
over while prizes were raffled off everyone placed their guns on a table and
voted on the best looking gun...mine won.  Thanks again for building such a fine
looking and good running gun.  I am off to the Monday night Steel Challenge

Best Regards
~Dave Alford


250 unbelievably accurate and malfunction free rounds down range this
afternnoon!  I love this thing.  Thanks.  Quick question:  If I ever wanted to
go to a GI guide rod set up does the GI rod need to be beveled like the full
length one you put in?  A couple of courses I have attended in the past the
instructors seem to like the idea of the GI set up for one handed malfunction
clearance drills.  Just curious, I have no plans on replacing the full length. 
The thumb safety width is perfect.  It looks stunning with the Spegel grips and
Glenrock bluing.  Thanks again for your work on this; it is exactly what I was
looking for.  I am looking forward to trying to shoot the barrel out of it over
the years.

Please feel free to use me as a reference to future customers (provide them my
phone # and/or e-mail) who may be looking for feedback on the guns you build.

Best Regards
~Dave Alford

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to say “thanks”, for the recent repairs that you made to my 1911 Frame.  Two other “Big Name” gunsmiths said that the repairs couldn’t be done.  However, you did them, did them very well, and returned my Frame back to me in a very timely (1) week turnaround time.  Oh yes, and at a very fair and reasonable price.  You called me to discuss the repairs and made a follow-up call to me after I received my repaired frame back, to make sure that I was completely satisfied.  Your calls showed an incredibly high level of customer concern and satisfaction.  You’re the best!  I will be sure to tell everyone how great a shop you run and how good you are at acheiving excellent results!

While undercutting the area from where the trigger guard meets the frame, to the top of the checkering on the front strap, I removed too much metal.  This resulted in , the slope of this area not being parallel to the slope of the top of the checkering (pic 004).  The wall thickness in this area was only about 0.010″ thick, at its thinnest point.  I also had filed completely through the wall thickness in the area nearest the trigger guard.  I needed to get this area built back up by welding and contouring, on both the outside and inside surfaces.
The first ”Big Name” gunsmith stated that welding could not be done in this area, as it would burn through and create further damage.  He suggested that I buy a new frame.

The second “Big Name” gunsmith welded the area, but did not weld in any additional metal where needed in the trigger guard area.  He returned it to me.  When I called him to state that his welding was inadequate and had some through holes and pitting, he replied that this frame could not be repaired.  He too, recommended that I buy a new frame.  When I asked him who else could possibly do the job, he gave me your phone number.
I then sent my frame to you for repair.  To make a long story short, you expertly performed the repair and turned it around in about (1) week, at a very reasonable price of $150 + shipping.  A new frame, with the extras that I had,  would run about $400.  You saved my cookies and gained a customer for life.  Pics 003 & 004 are the “before” pics.  001 & 002 are the “after” pics.  Big difference!  I am so pleased!
Good luck with your new company.  Your quality, service and prices far exceed anything offered by other “Big Name” gunsmiths.  You will do very well!

Warmest Regards,
John Carduner


Hey Jim-
Good morning-
Nice job as always. I like the French borders much better at the shallow depth. That guy does a nice job on the bluing as well. Of course all else is beautiful just as I figured it would be. Safety is nice and slick, sights look great (good quality pieces) and the detail work in the dehorn is perfect. Thanks again for everything. See you on the next go around. Maybe an officer’s built from the ground up?


Steve Markowski